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​​Now Available: Innovation Workshop Final Report (PDF)


​​​​​​Energy systems in the U.S. and around the globe face myriad interconnected, time sensitive challenges. Tackling them will require truly innovative thinking. ​

A collaborative group of national laboratories, universities and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds have come together to start a dialogue surrounding some of the toughest questions about the future of nuclear energy as a key part of our energy portfolio.  ​

For example, how can we …

  • increase energy access for all while reducing cost?

  • improve safety and security while reducing environmental impacts?

  • prioritize and maximize the impacts of our limited resources?

  • think scientifically about these challenges while living up to our values?

To compliment small-group discussions sponsored by Idaho National Laboratory on March 3-5​, you are invited to hold your own workshop with friends, peers and colleagues who think deeply and regularly about these issues. Submit ideas​​ generated from your workshop through March 31, 2015. Watch this space for key findings and keep track of our progress via social media at #nukeinnovation and @innovationwksp​.  ​