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This workshop series aims to crowdsource forward-looking ideas for utilizing nuclear energy technologies to help tackle the challenges facing our nation and the world. There are areas of political and technical stalemate on the brink of breakthroughs, old concepts being revived for fresh applications, and populations in serious need of increased access to low carbon energy. We want to capture the best ideas and direct this momentum to do the most good.

In the short-term, the United States needs innovative ways of extending the life of the existing fleet while proactively managing used nuclear fuel. For the longer-term, technology innovations are needed to replace and expand current nuclear capacity in both the United States and internationally.

Such innovations could promote:

  • Affordable electricity generation with emphasis on capital cost reduction;

  • Integrating expanded renewable energy input into a dynamic grid;

  • Enhanced safety and security;

  • Reduced environmental impact;

  • Reduced proliferation risk; and

  • Improved resource and waste management.

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